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Project Description


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1.This is right for you,make you move easier with JingHao Foldable Hand truck.Here is the stair climbing hand truck,Folds and opens in seconds,easy to use and improves stability.Even allows to walk over curbs,stair,obstacles.

2.Most of the stair climbing hand truck in the market is just like the bule,the old one.we have just finished to developing the new items,the red one.there have several different points between the two items.

First,after folding,the width of the wheels increasd the size of package,On the contrary,the new items can saved much room.Easy to removed and fixed the wheels.

Second,when you put the goods on the footplate,the width is to be limited,the new items do not exist this problem,no matter how wide is on the footplate.

Third,The wheels bracket is made by plastic,it is easy to be broken;the red one made by aluminium,there have the ball bearing in it.

The fourth,there have the non-slip mat on the foodplate,it can make the things far more stable.the mat’s colors can by changed.if you want to fixed the things down by a rope,here have three small hole can be used.

Last but not least,The bracket on this part is made by two parts,the material is plastic,the new items bracket is integrated and made by aluminium,it is far more stronger than the old one.

Model: JHH-Ht8315-2
Material: Aluminum and plastic
Load capacity: 60kgs
Pipe thickness 2.0*0.15 cm
Opening size: 47.0*47.5*100.0 cm
Folding size: 38.5*10.5*65.0 cm
Material of wheel:  PP+TPR
Wheel size: 10.0*2.0 cm
Bottom board size: 38.8*25 cm
N.W. of product: 4.1 Kgs
Packing: 1 pieces / master
N.W. /G.W.: 4.8kg/1pcs / 4.1kg/1pcs
Packing size: 66*40*12cm

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